It allows many versions of a software to run on different members’ machines and the branching and merging of those versions.

When you run git on the command prompt there are commands that you can use for version control to push, clone, commit, and pull.

On Visual Studio Code, a popular code-editor that we will be using this year, there is integrated source control management and a git extension that allows you to easily do source control in the IDE.


Github is a Internet hosting service for version control using git. You can create public repositories with Github that your teammates can access. You can also use Github to “clone” repositories to a local directory and then make changes, pull, commit, and push it up to the original.

Introduction to Github

Git and GitHub for Beginners – Crash Course

Github pages are simple websites hosted by Github that allow users to display information easily from a markdown file.

Markdown is a markdown language that can be used to create formatted text. Markdown is very simple with different syntax being used to notate how different texts should appear. For example, a heading would have a hashtag right before the text (e.g., # Heading One)